Chimbuk Hill Bandarban Bangladesh under Chittagong Division

Chimbuk Hill Bandarban is the third highest mountain in Bangladesh and one of the famous tourist spots in Bandarban.

About Chimbuk Hill Bandarban

The hill is about 25 kilometers away from Bandarban Sadar. It is about 2500 above the sea level. The area has a very zigzag road which gives the visitors a thrilling experience. You will find many great jeeps that are available to explore the area. It is not just a hill. Chimbuk hill is covered with various kinds of trees, big and small. You will find green everywhere. When you reach the top of the hill, you will be fascinated to see the clouds just above your head.

Major Attractions of Chimbuk Hill Bandarban

Every year thousands of visitors come to visit the unique tourist spot from all over the world. The enumerable beauty of the place compels them to come and visit the spot over and over. The natural attraction of the spot cannot be described in words. If you want to have the feeling of beauty of the site, you will have to visit in person. The major attraction of the spot is the lush green environment. Where ever you see, you will find green and green everywhere around you. When it is a shiny day, you will be able to see the cloud sheds over the hills.

Nearest Tourist Spots

Besides Chimbuk Hill, there are many tourist attractions in Bandarban which will fascinate you. They are also very near to Chimbuk Hill. If you want, you may visit them one by one. Some of such tourist sites include Boga Lake, Baklai Waterfall, Buddha Dhatu Jadi, Chinri Jhiri Waterfall, Jadipai Waterfall, Keokaradong, Nilachal, Nilgiri, Sangu River and many other attractive sites.

Transportation and Communication

  • The hill is about 401 kilometers away from Dhaka. It may take up to 7 and a half an hour to reach the spot from Dhaka through Sylhet Highway and Dhaka-Chittagong Highway. There are many bus services available from Dhaka that take people directly to the tourist spot.
  • There are various train services available from Dhaka that make people take to Chittagong. From Chittagong, you may quickly reach Bandarban by bus or jeep cars or other vehicles. Some of the trains for Dhaka to Chittagong transportation are Subarna Express, Mahanagar Godhuli, Turna Express and Dhaka Mail, etc.

Accommodation and Food

There are two government rest houses in the area. You will have to fix reservation with the authority for staying in those holiday homes. You will find quality foods at an affordable price from these rest houses. There are also many private hotels and restaurants available. Two of the famous hotels and restaurants include:

  • Green Peak Resorts – Meghla, Chittagong –Bandarban highway
  • Hotel Hill View -Bus Terminal, Bandarban

The hill is famous for providing the thrilling experience to the tourists. So, if you love adventure, you must visit the spot.

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